sábado, 14 de febrero de 2009

Saint Valentine's letter

Hoy, día de San Valentín, por fin, he decidido escribirte una carta:

I’m writing you this letter,
I just want to feel ok.
In order you can read
all the things I’ve never said.

I’m reminding of all those days
and I don’t want them to forget.
That waking up with you
were the best times I’ve ever spent.

After many months,
and all the people I have met,
saying that’s always been only you,
I know, it’s not easy to understand.

You have your life and I have mine,
but we still keep in touch,
and all those miles of distance
didn’t separate us that much.

I’m so sorry for not fighting,
when I was supposed to.
I guess I was just frightened
of dealing this with you.

The thing is, although you don’t know,
I can’t see you as a friend. Not anymore



4 comentarios:

Óscar dijo...

La peli de Benjamin genial, pero como buen hombretón no lloré, jajaja aunq reconozco que estuve a punto...
me gusta tu nueva cabecera

yo todo bien, sin ganas de vovler a clase... :(

y tu?

Missindiferencia dijo...

que preciosidad de entrada!:)
feliz san valentin ;)

Franchejo dijo...

Que entrada tan bonita, man

edu_art dijo...

:) se feliz en general, no sólo hoy.